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January 17 2010

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Whiteboard Drawings

Handstudy 2007

Board Marker Drawing

Board Marker Drawing

These are two drawings I did on a whiteboard in class

Welcome to Sandro's Art page

This is my little art gallery on the web, which shows my whole body of work.
I am an art major at College of the Desert, living in Palm Springs, California.
I hope you will enjoy looking at my artwork, that includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, and graphic design.
I am looking forward hearing your comments and constructive critque.
If you are interested in purchasing my art, please contact me under the email link.
Enjoy and have fun

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Fare Well-Left Painting Fare Well-Right Painting

One of my latest work, called "Fare Well"
Check out my latest paintings! In the Acrylic section!
Few New Photos Added in the Photography Section<

Sunset in Hawaii

Sunset in Hawaii - Above Honolulu








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